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Twin Brothers


Our goal is simple and unique.

We want to tell your wedding story through elegance……
Twin Brothers is Sourav and Gourab. Together, they bring a uniquely creative style of Documentary Photography to wedding celebrations. The Good Indian wedding photographer is a professional team members. A wedding is not just an occasion to make but capturing your beautiful moments and live them with forever makes a wedding occasion memorable. Capturing the right frame of a  picture or a video makes a perfect Composition. Our team members are not a bunch of ordinary photographers but some who left Jobs and working with us with their passion and hobbies. Members who qualified B.tech, I.T professional Jobs, Arts and creative designers, Fashion Photographers. Far them, photography is an art and creativity to capture beautiful moments. We are proud to have such photographers who are still studying or professional working to established in this market. Achieving awards more than badges are a great job for us. We don’t publish images all over social media. Invite us to feel the magic of the most important event of your life.

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